The McLaren Senna Is a Tribute to Carbon Fiber

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  • January 1st, 2019

See that front fender? It weighs just 1.5 pounds. At a recent auto-industry presentation in the UK, McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Flewitt challenged British engineers to lead a "weight race," rather than a horsepower race in search of speed. That may sound silly

The 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro Makes a Fast Car Faster

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  • January 1st, 2019

Thanks to suspension and aero tweaks, the AMG GT R Pro ran a 7:04.6 around the Nurburgring. Mercedes-AMG isn't content to leave well enough alone with its flagship sports car. Today at the Los Angeles Auto Show, it's showing off some

IIHS to Begin Testing Pedestrian-Detection and Automated-Emergency-Braking Systems

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  • January 1st, 2019

More and more new cars are offered with automated braking. These systems scan the road ahead for a stopped vehicle or for a pedestrian stepping out into traffic and, should a driver not react, can apply the brakes automatically to


2021 BMW 330e Plug-In Hybrid Starts at $45,545, EPA Rated at 75 MPGe

Top-Spec Cadillac CT5-V Will Have Supercharged 6.2L V-8

2020 Maserati Lineup Gets Lower Prices & Two New Appearance Packages

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